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Our History


Bess Solutions grew out of the passion of its founder Bessie Jackson to share her insights, experiences and business acumen to motivate individuals to think about their contributions to the vision, the team, the organization and themselves.


Ms. Jackson believes one must move beyond self imposed limits to successfully address the monumental challenges of succeeding in today’s rapidly changing world through leadership, communication, teamwork, risk taking and personal accountability.



Her high content, tailored, dynamic presentations have communicated proven concepts that have energized, educated and ignited creativity and change and uplifted a wide-array of audiences to achieve improved individual and organizational performance.

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Bess Solutions is a Professional Development and Operations Management Consulting company with the experience, dedication and commitment to helping individuals and businesses succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.  Our customers are our most important priority and we are pleased to offer a broad range of programs and custom solutions to help meet their unique and often complex needs for professional development, and operational planning and management solutions.

Our programs and custom solutions include “Certificate” onsite and online training, strategic planning, business and organization cultural and diversity analysis, content audits, individual coaching and mentoring, and resume preparation. Major training programs focus on Leadership Excellence, Organizational Effectiveness, Team Building and Development, Organizational Strategies and Change, Employee Development, and Coaching and Mentoring.

Ours is not a “quick fix” approach. Ours is a partnership focused on ensuring that our customers achieve their individual and organizational goals.

Imagine a life without limits to achieving success.

Imagine a workplace filled with efficient and proficient managers and supervisors and peak performers – people who enjoy their work, communicate effectively, achieve outstanding results and go that extra mile for their employer.

Bess Solutions can help!

10 Benefits of Bess Solutions’ Programs and Services

  1. Develop better leaders

  2. Enhance teamwork and cooperation

  3. Ignite creativity and change

  4. Improve attitudes

  5. Improve customer service

  6. Improve decision-making and overcome challenges

  7. Improve interpersonal relationships and communications

  8. Increase productivity and personal accountability

  9. Overcome stress, conflict and negativity

  10. Eliminate defects and waste


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Our goal is your goal.



Our Vision

At the heart of Bess Solutions is our vision …to help people and organizations achieve the highest levels of success and to be respected for our people, products, and service.

We strive for excellence!

Linking Training To  Outcomes